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  • Thank You

    Michael W. Park,

    I just wanted to thank you for taking my case, and for all your hard work. (I’m really glad I don’t have to figure out how much to pay back to MediCare!)

    The money will be put to good use. We ran out of money when we were building our house in Cedar City. Now we can finish the tile in the living room. Only the kitchen, bathroom and utility room had tile – all laid by me. I can’t believe I did it all; but that was before I broke my left leg.

    Anyway, for 6 years we lived with a little over 650 square feet of subflooring. My settlement will help to take care of it. We brought the tile from Lowes; and they are going to do all the work. The job is too big for us (also too many curves).

    Thanks for everything.

    - The Kickirells